Dear Pig Scheme Members,

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance communication and engagemen, I am pleased to provide you with an update from our recent board discussions.

Governance Review Recommendations: The board received an update from CEO Jim Moseley on the progress in actioning recommendations following the governance review. This was a useful discussion which enabled the board to scrutinise and provide input into our approach going forwards.

Communications: Red Tractor recognises and is committed to improving communication with our members. The board discussed ways in which we can improve communications with members in our sector, to ensure  our messages reach the right people within integrated supply chains. We agreed that further discussions were needed with businesses to identify ways of ensuring updates and information is shared correctly at all levels within our sector.

Welfare Labelling Consultation: A key area of board discussion was the Defra Fairer Food labelling consultation. The board  agreed that Defra has misunderstood the impact the method of production labelling proposals will have on the UK pigmeat supply chain. Alongside the British Poultry Council, British Meat Processing Association, National Farmers Union and the National Pig Association, Red Tractor has been making this point at the highest levels in government. You can read a copy of the letter sent to Defra in response to the consultation, here.

Welfare Outcomes: The board received an update on Red Tractor’s work exploring a new scheme to monitor and report welfare outcomes back to farmers. Discussions centred around the importance of ensuring the information is valuable to pig producers and vets whilst also providing confidence to the supply chain and consumers that pig welfare is being monitored and managed. It was agreed that Red Tractor should continue to develop the proposal for the Scheme, through close collaboration with Pig Veterinary Society.

Events: I look forward to meeting with some of you at the Pig and Poultry Fair on May 15 & 16. It is a fantastic opportunity for discussion and information sharing across the sector. Red Tractor colleagues and I will be presenting on key topics affecting sectors at The Future of Assurance seminars.

Best regards

Stewart, Chair, Pigs

Pig Board members:

William de Klein – Processor

Heidi Deckker – Processor

Ash Gilman – Processor

Pig Producer Reps (indoor and outdoor) – x4 (including 1 x NPA rep and 1 UFU rep)

Natalie Smith – Retailer

         Chris Brown – Retailer and BRC

Charlotte Evans – AHDB Pork

Michael Putt – Pig Veterinary Society

Grace O’Gorman – TAC Chair