About the Renewable Energy Directive

Interest in the use of biofuels and bioliquids as an energy source has been growing significantly in recent years. For the past decade, Red Tractor has been recognised by the European Commission as a scheme which assures crops and sugar beet through compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

Although the UK has left the EU UK growers need to meet the requirements if they want to supply the biofuels market.

What it means for your buisness

Red Tractor has delivered certification for RED for the past 10 years – this is done as part of your annual assessment.

The first version of the EU’s directive was built into the Red Tractor scheme because the alternative, a dedicated RED audit through a specialised certification body, would have meant additional burden and an expense for farmers. Completing this as part of your Red Tractor assessment is a streamlined approach, which focuses on the elements of assurance required by the food and feed markets.

Compliance brings significant value to your Red Tractor membership. It means that you are automatically eligible to supply into the biofuels market, giving you the freedom to supply your crops into different markets if, and when, it suits you.

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