Dear Beef & Lamb Scheme Member,

The most recent meeting of the Beef and Lamb board took place on the 4th of July 2024 . There was full attendance with all stakeholders represented. I was delighted to welcome to their first meeting Phil Hambling from ABP representing the British Meat Processors Association and Andrew Crutchley a vet from Cumbria representing the British Cattle Veterinary Association.

The format of the day was more of a workshop to ensure we achieved full participation, the meeting was dedicated to the future of how assurance is delivered and communicated particularly for the farming community. It was recognised in this sector we had already done some work last year to lighten the load for farmers (eg removing duplication, a print at home manual) but there was significant opportunity for more be done to make beef and lamb farm assurance fit for the future. The wide ranging discussion covered how the entire process of assurance can be simplified, whilst maintaining its credibility, increasing its transparency and reducing audit burden.

I am really pleased to report that the meeting was very productive. Members recognised the considerable effort that had been made to facilitate the new ways of working by the Red Tractor team and they were very positive about the process and are now looking forward to seeing how the ideas of change can be developed further.

At the meeting we also discussed some proposed changes to ensure our standards remain in line with the new Veterinary Medicines Regulations together with amending the standard around Nutrient Management Plans and removing some duplicated standards.

In summary, a very constructive and positive meeting with full participation by all members who are looking forward to seeing this piece of work develop. I will keep you updated on how this work progresses.

Kind regards,

John Dracup,

Chair, Red Tractor Beef & Lamb Board

Members of the Beef and Lamb board:

David Morgan – NFU

Will Jackson – AHDB

Alice Liddle – BRC/Food Service

Zanna Dennis – Livestock Auctioneers Association

Bryan Griffiths – National Sheep Association

Rob Venner – National Beef Association

Phil Hambling – British Meat Processors Association

Henry Blain – Multiple Retailer

Natalie Smith – Multiple Retailer

         Andrew Crutchley – BCVA