The red tractor portal 

The safest and simplest way to provide your Certification Body with farm assurance paperwork.

The Red Tractor Portal is freely available for all members to use.

The Portal is a secure, confidential online filing cabinet where farmers can upload, and store all necessary documents required to prove compliance to Red Tractor standards.

The benefits are multiple.

  • It provides a highly secure way to store confidential documents.
  • It enables members to prepare for their assessment in advance, by ensuring they have all the required documentation in one place.
  • It allows your inspector to process the paperwork section of an assessment securely either remotely ahead, or during the inspection.
  • It supports Red Tractor’s commitment to keep bot assessors and farmers as safe as possible, by helping to minimise the time spent on farms checking paperwork during an assessment.

Thousands of farmers are already taking advantage of these benefits and using the Portal.

How to get using the portal

First you need to register for the service by visiting https://checkers.redtractor.org.uk

Then using the portal is easy:

  1. Go to the Red Tractor Portal here and enter your details. Click forgotten password if you can’t remember your details 
  2. Once logged in click the blue ‘upload documents’ button to access your documents page. 
  3. Select the category from the list on the left-hand side, then the requirement and then upload your document. 
  4. No need to save, just log out when the upload is complete. 

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Information Leaflet

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Red Tractor Portal Farmer User Guide

Download the farmer user guide

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Access the Red Tractor Portal

Visit the Red Tractor Portal

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