Dear Poultry Scheme Members,

At this month’s poultry sector board meeting, we had a comprehensive agenda, addressing both present and future perspectives.   

We began with the litter management pilot project with Avara Foods in the Wye Valley catchment area. The pilot involves 24 farms, and we are conducting audits on all land applications involving poultry litter. Audits and results will be reviewed in the next couple of months and recommendations will be presented to a future poultry board meeting. 

The Sector Board then discussed some retail announcements to move to a 30kg/m2 stocking density and discussed how this could be audited in the future. We acknowledged industry concerns about space for continued production and the potential for imports to undercut the UK market. It was agreed that there may be a role for Red Tractor to support the industry in this area  and a proposal will be discussed at the next board. 

The board continues to maintain a watching brief regarding progress towards the Sustainable Soy Manifesto and is open to potential standards development in this area.  

The combined poultry TAC’s had met and discussed future changes to catching and transport, the board was briefed on this work which is still in progress.  

The board also participated in the future of assurance update and discussed technical advances that may help improve audit efficiency and reduce paperwork burden. We concluded the meeting with a commitment to continue sharing information regarding activism and farm security. 

Kind regards,

Iain Gardner,

Chair, Red Tractor Poultry Board

Poultry Board members:

Clay Burrows – QBT

James Mottershead – NFU

Gavin Foster – BPC

Philip Wilkinson OBE – BPC

David Neilson – Integrator

Tom Meeson – British Retail Consortium

Natalie Smith – Retailer

David Gibson – BPC

Jonty Hay – NFU

Judith Irons – TAC Chair