If you see any issues around compliance to our standards or the law, call us on 0203 617 3670.  Being open makes it easier for us to assess the issue and gather evidence for our investigation.  Each of us has a part to play in protecting the integrity of Britain’s food and agriculture supply chain 

We do know that occasionally, standards can slip on farms, or at packing and processing facilities. It’s important we hear about it. That way, any non-compliance, whether serious or not, can be fixed and corrective measures put in place.   

We already gather intelligence from various sources including certification bodies, vets, the public, stakeholders, members and licensees. We also partner with other reporting authorities to help assess any issues and get the information we need to thoroughly investigate a matter.  

If you think our standards or the law is being broken, or you have a genuine concern around wrongdoing, we have an independent and confidential TELL Us web reporting service. Managed by Safecall, it allows you to file an anonymous report online at any time.  

All reports we receive through this platform will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.  

By working together, we can help protect the reputation of this industry at a critical point in time. 

To submit a report using the TELL US reporting service click here or go to www.safecall.co.uk/en/clients/red-tractor/ 

Please be aware, we can only investigate non-compliance issues relating to Red Tractor standards and membership.  

What happens after a complaint is logged with TELL US? 

Once a complaint is received, Safecall compiles a report of the allegation, and passes it onto Red Tractor.  
Through Safecall, you will receive a unique code which will allow you to monitor the progress of the investigation and add or respond to any questions for further information anonymously.   

Through the platform we will aim to: 

  • acknowledge receipt of a complaint within one working day. 
  • provide an update on the complaint within 7 days. 
  • conclude initial investigations within 21 days of receiving the complaint. 

For Red Tractor partners there is a handy poster for display in public areas.



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submit a report using the TELL US reporting service