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Red Tractor Assurance 

Established in 2000 Red Tractor is the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, covering animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.


Red Tractor Assurance sets the standards that apply to the farm assurance schemes and to different links in the food chain.   

A small, not for profit company, run by the food industry. The Red Tractor Board of Directors are a team of experts and academics covering the breadth of the food industry.


They are supported by a small team of staff, all passionate about the industry. Its administrative costs are met by assurance fees and licence payments from farmers and food companies.  

The Board govern the running of the company and the development of Red Tractor standards, ensuring they are well-informed and evolve with latest industry needs and developments.


Individual sector boards are responsible for overseeing the management of the sector schemes and their activities. Each sector also has a Technical Advisory Committee responsible for the on-going maintenance and development of Red Tractor Assurance standards. 


You can find out more about who we are here.  


Red Tractor standards must always be kept up to date to ensure they address changes in legislation and reflect emerging issues on consumers’ minds. 


Standards are typically reviewed every three years.   

The first step in becoming Red Tractor Assured is choosing one of our licensed Certification Bodies. These are companies we contract to do the assessments and certification on our behalf and it is to them that you apply. 


It’s a bit like an MOT Test Centre for your vehicle – you can choose any company offering services in your sector, they all operate to the same standards and procedures. You can apply to join at any time of the year.   

Your chosen Certification Body will appoint an assessor to arrange the initial assessment. At the assessment the assessor will talk to you about your enterprise, look at the livestock/crops and check your paperwork. They will need to talk to your staff too about what they do. Any areas which do not meet the standards will be highlighted to you throughout the visit.


You will be sent a report which will contain details of these non-conformances, an indication of the evidence you will be expected to provide to correct them and the timescale for action.


Your application will lapse if you do not correct everything satisfactorily and in good time.   

Red Tractor provides lots of useful information to help you prepare for your assessment and maintain standards. To prepare for the assessment you should read the standards and use the relevant self- assessment checklists.


Red Tractor provides blank record templates and copies of other guidance and information on the Red Tractor Assurance website.   

Your Certification Body will invite you to renew your membership annually, 12 months after the initial assessment and every 12 months thereafter.  

Your Certification Body handles all aspects of your Red Tractor membership. Please get in touch with them to make any changes to your membership.   

Assurance stickers are distributed from Certification Bodies. Please get in touch with them to arrange more stickers. Combinable crops members can create, save and print at home digital passports.   

Additional member services can be accessed through the Red Tractor Checker and Services website. To register you will need your Red Tractor Membership Number and postcode linked to the primary site.


You will need to apply for MEMBER access and pick your scheme. Our member services provide you with additional tools to make the Assurance process simpler.   


Click here for a ‘How to Register’ guide.

The Red Tractor Portal acts as an online filing cabinet, enabling compliance documents to be securely uploaded, stored and reviewed so you can meet Red Tractor Standards. It makes it easier for you to prepare all the correct documentation for your assessments. 


You can access the portal here.   

If you want to supply product(s) to meet a Red Tractor Certified specification, make a statement claiming Red Tractor Certification, or use the logo on a pack or menu, you will need to have a valid Red Tractor licence. 


Red Tractor products must be certified at each stage of the production chain.


For more guidance on how you will need to demonstrate this to obtain a licence, please go to ourLicence Types and Requirements page.  

There are a number of tools which you can use to promote the success of the Red Tractor logo to the general public and encourage more consumers to look for the logo and buy British Red Tractor food. 


Order your free materials here to help spread the message about Red Tractor food.  

Red Tractor has a formal complaints procedure which ensures it can take decisions based on facts, fairness and proportionality. You can view our full procedurehere.  


 Red Tractor can be notified of a complaint in the following ways:   

  • By post: Assured Food Standards, 20 St Dunstan’s Hill, London, EC3R 8HL
  • By email: enquiries@redtractor.org.uk   
  • By phone: 020 7630 3320   
  • Through our confidential TELL US reporting service
  • From a third party, whereby the complaint may be ‘forwarded’ to Red Tractor  


The most effective way to raise a concern is with a member of the Red Tractor team directly by calling 0203 617 3670. 


However, you can also report an issue through our confidential TELL US reporting service. We have employed an external company, Safecall, to manage this independent reporting service. You can file an anonymous report on theirwebsite.


Please note that we can only investigate non-compliance issues relating to Red Tractor Standards and membership. 

Red Tractor advertises vacancies on its website. We promote through Linkedin and twitter.  Candidates interested in becoming a Red Tractor assessor should contact our Certification Body partners.  

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