Preparing for your Red Tractor assessment


Red Tractor provides lots of useful information to help you prepare for your assessment and maintain standards.

To prepare for your assessment, you should read the standards and use the relevant self-assessment checklists. If you don’t keep some of the required records, you’ll find links to blank record templates in the standards. Remember, you don’t have to use these templates. Your own existing farm records, or, third-party supplied templates should be fine.

Click here for blank record templates.

We also provide details of the most common non-compliance issues our assessors report back to us. Click here for the top-tips on how to avoid them.

If you are a livestock producer, you will be required to have reviews and documentation signed by your registered vet. Click here for templates and other documents for vets.

The Red Tractor Portal


The safest and simplest way to provide your Certification Body with farm assurance paperwork.

The Red Tractor portal is freely available for all members to use.

The portal is a secure, confidential online filing cabinet where farmers can upload, and store documents required to demonstrate compliance to Red Tractor standards.

Click here to find out more about the Red Tractor Portal.

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The Red Tractor Portal