Farm Standards

Welcome to Red Tractor Assurance for farms – part of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme assuring food safety, animal welfare, hygiene and environmental protection every part of the food chain.

These Standards have been written and revised by our Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) in consultation with customers, farmer representatives and the wider industry to ensure they are clear and provide meaningful, credible farm assurance for all.

This is essential with the increasing demand for traceability of food, growing consumer awareness of animal welfare issues in livestock production and a need to minimise pesticide residues.



Useful documents



In the Standards we have indicated where extra guidance is available if you need it. Find help and guidance from Red Tractor which is intended to help you prepare for your Red Tractor assessment. 

How to avoid non-conformances

After reviewing the most common reasons that farmers receive a non-conformance during their assessment, Red Tractor has put together a practical guide which highlights how to avoid this happening to you. No-one wants a non-conformance, find some top tips on how to avoid them.