What Red Tractor credentials mean for poultry scheme members 

Market access to retail and food service supply chains. All major retailers use the Red Tractor Standards as their buying specification for fresh poultry.

  • over 95% of the chicken market is assured.
  • 80% of all UK turkey is assured
  • 70% of all UK duck is assured

Leading the way: Red Tractor poultry standards exceed legislative baselines, and practices comms in competitor nations such as:

  • Reduced stocking density, natural light and perching and pecking objects (chickens)
  • Solid floors, straw bedding and access to water for bathing (ducks)
  • Environmental enrichment, 24 hour lighting rhythm, flock health plan (turkeys)


Demonstrates responsible use of antibiotics Earned recognition with the Food Standards Authority for chicken, plus the Animal and Plant Health Authority and Environment Agency means fewer inspections.


Vermin control – earned recognition with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide use (CRRU) means members do not need to obtain a license or undergo additional training to buy professional use only rodenticides.