What Red Tractor credentials mean for Combinable crops & sugar beet members 

Market access – 95% of the market is assured, including:

  • Animal feed
  • Milling
  • Malting
  • Biofuels
  • British Sugar


Vermin control – earned recognition with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide use (CRRU) means members do not need to obtain a license or undergo additional training to buy second generation anti-coagulation rodenticides.


Demonstrates responsible use of pesticides through having trained sprayer operators, safe storage, correct calibration of machinery and precautions taken to minimise pollution risks.

The Voluntary Initiative – established to promote the responsible use of pesticides, Red Tractor is the key industry organisation that delivers this initiative. Incorporating these goals within Red Tractor standards provides a verification that farms are adopting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans and principles, lessening the likelihood of increased regulation.


Earned Recognition

  • European Commission – recognises Red Tractor as a voluntary scheme for biofuels. The scheme’s compliance with the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) automatically grants members free access to the growing biofuels market in the UK and across Europe.
  • SAI Platform (Silver) many end-customers require to demonstrate their sustainability credentials.
  • Members can gain BASIS points to demonstrate continuous professions development.