Packaging and labelling impacts on consumer trust 


Of the food schemes that the public is aware of, the Fairtrade logo is the most recognised, and considered the most important by UK consumers when choosing to buy a food product. 

This is quickly followed by both the British Lion and Red Tractor assurance scheme logos.

Recognition is similar across different demographic groups, with older people about 10 points more likely to recognise Fairtrade compared to younger people, and 15 points more likely to recognise Red Tractor.


Some packaging information matters more than others.


Ingredients, health indicators, and country of origin are the packaging information shoppers most often pay attention to.

Food assurance scheme logos are somewhat less important, although 47% of people still report paying attention to them “always” or “often”.

Demand for information on allergens is rising, with 12% of respondents saying that they always look for that information before making a food purchase, reflecting the growth of allergies in children and families across the UK.