Food assurance and inspection schemes are the

biggest driver of trust


The most overwhelmingly important driver of trust for consumers is the belief that the UK has a system of high standards and regulation. When asked to identify why they trusted UK food, 55 per cent of respondents said this was their number one reason.

Food assurance schemes play a vital role in protecting standards for consumers, particularly as people have less disposable income to spend on food. 69 per cent of respondents pointed to food assurance schemes to ensure food is safe and to a high standard. Established to give consumers more confidence, specifically in the light of food scares in the 1990’s, these labels are a kite mark that take the complexity out of shopping.

Assurance schemes are well recognised, with the top three most recognised schemes having a clear impact on buying choices – Fair Trade, British Lion, and Red Tractor.

When people have limited funds to spend and are already making difficult choices about their weekly shop, being able to shop with confidence, no matter what budget or with which retailer, is critical to protecting trust in UK food.