Traceability and assurance status

Version 4.0

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Key – Those standards which have greater significance (all other standards are normal)

Recommendation – Those which do not affect certification

New – A completely new standard which the member must now adhere to

Revised – A standard that has changed and requires the member to take some different or additional action to before

Upgraded – The standard has been upgraded to a Key standard or from a Recommendation to a full standard

Appendix – Referenced in ‘How you will be measured’. Indicates that additional information is provided in the Appendices, which are available at the end of each section.

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Traceability and assurance status

SH.TI.a Key


Systems must be in place which deliver traceability of seed and ware potatoes throughout the Safe Haven Assured production unit.

How you will be measured

  • Product identification / coding used throughout the operation from classified seed purchase to field, storage, packing and customer.
  • Traceability records, e.g. Seed Potato Classification System, My Spud



All seed potato crops must be registered in the seed potato classification system of the relevant UK authority.

How you will be measured

  • Evidence that all seed crops have been entered in the Seed Potato Classification System.
  • Details of all seed potato crops published in the official seed potato register.
  • Entry records into the Seed Potato Classification System, e.g. My Spud
  • Official seed potato register



All seed for seed multiplication must be from classified seed.

How you will be measured

  • Documentation showing that classified seed has originated from:
    • Either the Safe Haven Assured production unit itself.
    • Or grown by another Safe Haven Assured production unit.
    • Or for first generation Pre Basic production, all seed has been derived in a direct line (without further clonal selection) from UK nuclear stock, e.g. SASA ring rot tested nuclear stock or SASA quarantine tested in-vitro plant material, and have been produced by an officially approved mini-tuber producer.
  • Or seed produced from true potato seed.
  • Purchase records including seller’s Safe Haven membership number.
  • Traceability records e.g. Seed Potato Classification System, My Spud

SH.TI.d Key


Cutting of seed for seed production is not permitted.