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Key – Those standards which have greater significance (all other standards are normal)

Recommendation – Those which do not affect certification

New – A completely new standard which the member must now adhere to

Revised – A standard that has changed and requires the member to take some different or additional action to before

Upgraded – The standard has been upgraded to a Key standard or from a Recommendation to a full standard

Appendix – Referenced in ‘How you will be measured’. Indicates that additional information is provided in the Appendices, which are available at the end of each section.

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Cropping Categories Fresh Produce

Category 0
Those you can eat raw and have a significant risk or history of pathogen contamination.

Category 1
Those you can eat raw and which do not have a protective skin that is removed before eating; they may also have a significant risk or history of pathogen contamination.

Category 2
Those you can eat raw and which either have protective skin or grow clear of the ground, or that have no history of pathogen contamination.

Category 3
Those that the customer always cooks.

An up-to-date list of the crop categories can be found on the Red Tractor website.





Appropriate entrance controls for workers and visitors entering protected crop production areas are defined and implemented. (New)

How you will be measured


A documented entrance procedure is in place for admitting workers and visitors to crop production areas.


Consideration is given within the entrance procedure to plant health and bio-security risks and additional controls are implemented where appropriate.


Category 0 & 1 only. All workers entering crop production areas – including administrative and maintenance staff – have been trained against the Staff Hygiene Policy.
  • Entrance procedure for protected crop production areas
  • Staff training records



Risk based cleaning programmes are in place for permanent and reusable surfaces and structures which are in direct contact with fresh produce or in indirect contact with the potential to pose a risk to food safety. (New)

How you will be measured


A documented cleaning programme, including method and frequency of cleaning is in place.


Category 0 & 1 only. Cleaning records are in place, demonstrating that cleaning activities have been completed.
  • Documented cleaning programme
  • Cleaning records



E. coli testing must be used to monitor and verify the safety of end products for category 0 crops. Testing must be performed by a UKAS accredited laboratory (or another ISO 17025 standard) with E. coli testing of food samples within the scope of accreditation.

How you will be measured


Category 0 only. Samples of end products are tested for presence of E. coli to a defined frequency.


Category 0 only. Non-conforming test results lead to follow up actions to manage any risk to crop.



Members hold a valid Environmental Permit where required for discharge of water from irrigation systems. (New)

How you will be measured


A valid Environmental Permit is in place for discharge of waste water from irrigation systems.


The business is compliant with any conditions of the Environmental Permit.

Environmental Permit