Processing Facilities and Equipment

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Processing Facilities and Equipment



Conditions within buildings must be suitable and must not adversely affect the safety of any oilseeds processed in the buildings. The meal processing and storage area, including loading and unloading areas must be secure and clearly separate from any livestock enterprise on the unit and must not share a common enclosed airspace with the livestock. All equipment used for processing oilseeds must be fit for the purpose for which it is used and be designed and constructed to ensure that, where necessary, it can be adequately cleaned, disinfected and maintained to avoid the contamination.



Risk assessment procedures must be used to identify and control any hazards that may be associated with particular equipment. Where appropriate, corrective action must be taken as a result of these findings. Records must be kept detailing the date and nature of any corrective actions undertaken



All drains, gutters and down-pipes must be designed and maintained in a manner that ensures they do not present a hazard to any processed oilseed meal stored on the site.



Vehicle access must be free from any material which as come into contact with farm animals and free from livestock faeces, litter and effluent. Livestock buildings must not drain onto the processing facility or onto its access.