Red Tractor’s Dairy Board met in Birmingham on 28 June. It was a valuable meeting which included a great discussion about how we can continue to improve the way the board functions and works together. I wanted to share a brief update with you to keep you informed as a Red Tractor Dairy member.

One of the key discussion points was the need for skilled workers on farm, the challenges we face in recruitment, the support we can give our people, and how this may help us to keep valued employees in role for longer. The board heard from Paul Harris who is the founder and CEO of REAL Success who are specialists in this area.

We also focused on the difficult challenge of agricultural pollution. Red Tractor has been defending the industry’s track record since an inaccurate article in The Times at the start of April put this problem at the top of the agenda. The Times may not have been accurate in its headline or conclusions, but we know that this a real problem that our sector needs to address. The board had a full discussion of the different considerations and the role that Red Tractor can play in tracking performance and informing decisions.

The Red Tractor team also shared an update of the risk of disruption and protest from animal welfare activists this summer. Although specific intelligence is thin on the ground it’s clear that activity is being planned and members need to take sensible precautions. It’s good practice to ensure staff training is up to date and livestock are always managed appropriately for example.

I hope you found this quick working update useful. Please feel free to contacts us on memberhelp@redtractor.org.uk and 020 7630 3320 if you have any questions or concers. We are happy to help. If you’re interested in the role of the Dairy Board and its members, there’s more information here

Best regards, Tim Lock,

Red Tractor, Dairy Sector Chair