Dear Beef & Lamb Scheme Member,

After what has been a challenging time for Red Tractor, the latest sector board meeting provided the B&L board the opportunity to keep moving forward with our ambitious vision for building our sector focus around the core areas of transparency, audit efficiency and value.

During the B&L board on the 24th April, following the regular updates, a letter of dissatisfaction, addressed to Christine Tacon and the Ownership Board, was read out to the meeting by the National Sheep Association.  As Chairman of the Board I asked if those present agreed with the sentiment of the letter, which the majority did, with the notable exception being the retail sector.

Myself and the wider board remain completely committed to the principles underpinning Red Tractor and recognise the importance it holds to showcase our outstanding British beef and lamb products. Following the note, considerable discussion took place in confidence, without the Red Tractor permanent staff in attendance. The Board came to the conclusion that there should be an opportunity for the Red Tractor team to present their proposals, of radical and substantial change for the Beef and Lamb scheme which could be delivered promptly, at our next meeting in July.  The meeting was closed without completing the remainder of the agenda.

While extremely disappointing that some of our confidential session was leaked to the press and worse still, incorrectly reported on, the focus for the board remains on delivery for you, our scheme members.  The executive team continues to work with the entire board to ensure all those involved are provided with the greatest opportunity to provide clarity to their positions and ultimately to build a path forwards, delivering tangible value to all parts of the supply chain. It’s testament to Red Tractor’s management team, to see such a continued professionalism and commitment to deliver on behalf of the industry. I want to reiterate my thanks to all of that team today, as I did in the most recent board meeting.

Rest assured, myself and the wider Beef and Lamb board remain focussed on delivering maximum value to the industry and I look forward to providing further updates in the months ahead.

Kind regards,

John, Chair, Beef & Lamb

Members of the Beef and Lamb board:

David Morgan – NFU

Will Jackson – AHDB

Alice Liddle – BRC/Food Service

Zanna Dennis – Livestock Auctioneers Association

Bryan Griffiths – National Sheep Association

Rob Venner – National Beef Association

Dean Holroyd – British Meat Processors Association

Henry Blain – Multiple Retailer

Natalie Smith – Multiple Retailer

         Andrew Crutchley – BCVA