The second Great British Calf Week kicks off on the 16 November

From the 16 November, the dairy industry will come together for the second year in a row to awareness, and celebrate the progress that has been made, to ensure all dairy-bred calves are reared with care.

This is an important opportunity for the whole sector to come together and share they are delivering on its commitment to rearing all calves with care and eliminate the euthanasia of calves by 2023. 

During the week, a range of activities coordinated by AHDB and the NFU will once more serve as a timely reminder of the value and importance of good calf management.

Jenny Gibbons, AHDB’s Animal Health and Welfare Senior Scientist, said: “Breeding economically attractive calves is the starting point, but once the calf is born, ultimately it needs to be given the best start to live and be well cared for so there will also be a focus this year on optimising winter housing to grow healthy calves.

Jemma Holden, Red Tractor’s Dairy Technical Manager, said: “Since 2021, Red Tractor’s standards have required dairy scheme members to have a written breeding and management policy, to encourage responsible breeding strategies for calves. This is an important step to support the industry in meeting its commitments to eliminate the euthanasia of any calves.”

Guidance on how to write a breeding and management policy is available here.