The UK farm and food supply chain has a strong track record of making best practice the industry norm without the need for regulators to intervene, which is a key foundation in helping to build consumer confidence in British food.

One of the key ways in which the industry achieves this on use of PPPs is through NRoSO.

This means that farmers and consumers can be confident that pesticides are being used safely and effectively, with government testing programmes regularly demonstrating that MRL exceedances are less common on UK grown crops than on imports. 

Requiring NRoSO membership as part of the Red Tractor scheme means that the industry can self-regulate, avoiding the introduction of additional legislation and inspections.

The UK is less restrictive on certain pesticide topics than some of our near neighbours, but we are near the front of the pack on training and CPD for advisors and operators. NRoSO registered spray operators typically have a high level of training and multifaceted opportunities for their professional development, which means they are empowered to make the right decisions about pesticide use on farm.

Their diligence in the undertaking of their vitally important CPD pays off in a foundation of trust that is essential for the continued success of the UK farm and food supply chain.