Later this year a change in legislation will mandate that ALL farmers selling livestock for slaughter must have facilitated an annual farm veterinary visit. This visit is necessary for the product from the animals to be eligible for export outside the UK. The primary purpose behind implementing this new rule is to align with EU export requirements. It ensures that there are checks in place to verify the absence of notifiable diseases and to provide general guidance on farm biosecurity. 


However, the great news for Red Tractor assured farmers is that you are already covered as Defra have confirmed we are a qualifying scheme so you do not need to do anything additional – simply confirm to buyers that you are Red Tractor assured. 


This is a great example of the benefits of Red Tractor membership, and how it can lighten the load for farmers by providing a valuable exemption from red tape and unnecessary costs. By being a part of the scheme, members have a smoother and more streamlined process when they sell livestock, saving time and resources.

Red Tractor farmers commitment to excellence has been recognised by Government which gives them a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing business.   

The new legislation comes into force on December 13th