Red Tractor launches new advertising campaign


Red Tractor has launched a new TV advertising campaign to promote its food and farming standards. The advert marks the start of a 12-month campaign, focussing on how Red Tractor products are “Farmed with Care”. It is expected that 8 out of 10 main shoppers will watch the advert before the end of the year.

This is the fourth major advertising drive that Red Tractor has invested in for its members and comes at a vital time for UK farmers.

The advertising is designed to reflect the enormous care and pride farmers have in the way they rear their animals and grow their produce.  The previous campaign really chimed with consumers, so it is an exciting return for some of the characters and the visual charm.

The campaign highlights that by simply looking for the Red Tractor, shoppers and diners need not work too hard or far to help foster a better future for British agriculture, farmers, growers, and producers.

Research has found that Red Tractor is the most trusted assurance scheme in the UK, with 74% of main shoppers aware of the logo, seeing it as an independent source they can trust. That’s equivalent to 15.5 million shoppers*.

*Source : Yougov survey 2,000+ GB adults Nov 2021