Joint statement from Red Tractor and LRQA


The subject of assessment and certification is vital to the Red Tractor Scheme and currently it licences its standards to two devolved and three national Certification Bodies (CBs), who have agriculture front and centre of their operations, with a member focused approach and consistent delivery.

However, one of those national CB’s – LRQA, is changing its business strategy and is now more aligned to supporting global brands and food manufacturers, around their environmental and social impact.

Given LRQA’s change in strategy, and Red Tractor’s requirement for all CBs to be firmly focussed on agriculture and the needs of its members, both parties have agreed that LRQA’s contract in relation to farm scheme certification will come to an end in December 2022.

LRQA has been proud to have been a licenced CB for Red Tractor and its farm scheme members over the last ten years and will work with Red Tractor to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of farm assurance services over the next six months, with minimal impact at the farmgate.

LRQA will retain their Red Tractor contract to deliver certification in the manufacturing sector, including Meat and Poultry Processing and the Red Tractor Traceability Challenge.

The outcome of this business decision means that Red Tractor Farm Scheme members currently certified by LRQA will need to transfer their membership to one of our other Certification Bodies.

The list of certification bodies and the on farm standards they can certify is below.

Certification Body
Beef & Lamb
Dairy Goats
Crops & Sugar Beet
Fresh Produce
Safe Haven 
SAI Global
01908 249973 agrifood@saiglobal.com

01993 885610    agriculture@nsf.org


Our FAQ’s below should answer any questions you have about this process

Acoura and LRQA are the same business, one being the trading title for the other, therefore this communication does refer to your assurance and certification.

The certificates and any stickers issued by LRQA will be valid until they expire (provided you have no outstanding non-conformances).  LRQA will continue to issue additional stickers upon request.

The transfer to a new Certification Body does need to take place before the end of December 2022, it is recommended that you transfer earlier subject to the caveat of due assessments.

Red Tractor will issue a letter detailing the next steps for your business, it will be dependent on which schemes you hold certificates for. The letter will include contact details for the Red Tractor licenced certification bodies to enable you to be able to contact them to discuss your farm assurance requirements.



In the majority of cases, it will be possible to keep the same membership number.  When completing the application form for your chosen certification body, please add your current membership number and add a note that you wish to keep the same number if possible.

Your new certification body will check to ensure that your existing scheme number is not duplicated within the scheme and, provided it is not, will ensure you retain that number.  If there are any queries, the certification body will contact you to discuss.

You may not have the same assessor but can be assured all assessors who conduct Red Tractor assessments are required to complete the same Red Tractor training programme in addition to training by their contracted certification body.  They fully understand the requirements of the Scheme and have knowledge and experience in the sectors they assess. Within the rules of the Scheme there is a requirement for the rotation of assessors.

No.  You can transfer your membership now provided:

  • you have no outstanding non-conformances
  • are up to date with your assessments


  • have not/do not have any pending prosecutions that might affect your membership

The majority of buyers have access to Red Tractor’s online membership checker and will be able to validate that your membership is current.  They will need, in order of preference, either your scheme membership number, business name, CPH (holding number) or postcode.

Yes.  Your assurance with LRQA will be valid until the expiry date shown on the certificate and stickers, this might be up to July 2023. LRQA will continue to issue additional stickers upon request.

Once you have transferred certification body you will be able to request new stickers.  To avoid any risk of rejected grain or queries relating to assured status, please ensure you use the new stickers or for grain create passports via the RT membership services page: https://redtractorassurance.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Crops-Digital-Grain-passports.pdf

Your buyer will also be able to contact Red Tractor or the certification body if they have any queries.

Once your application is approved, your new certification body will send confirmation of your continued membership.

Milk buyers (First Purchasers) are responsible for agreeing a contract with a certification body to undertake the dairy assessments.  Your First Purchaser will advise you of any changes in due course. 

Provided no non-conformances are outstanding from your last assessment, your dairy membership will be transferred to the new certification body chosen by your milk buyer.   You do not need to apply for dairy membership.

If as well as dairy you also have a beef and/or lamb scheme membership, you will either receive an invitation to transfer from the new certification body, or where the First Purchaser handles the beef application on your behalf, receive information from them on next steps.


As a member of the Red Tractor Assurance Pig Scheme, you retain the services of a veterinarian who will undertake quarterly visits to your farm and complete a Report (QVR), a copy of which the vet sends to the certification body following completion. 

So yes, as well as transfer to a new certification body you will need to advise your vet which certification body you have transferred to.  The contact details for certification bodies are on the QVR template.

Red Tractor are working with the certification bodies to ensure, where possible this is facilitated. The application form you receive from your certification body will give you details of the schemes it is able to deliver.

Red Tractor are working with LRQA and the other licenced certification bodies to ensure all members are in a position to transfer within the required timeframe. The letter you receive will have more detail about your own business.

Should you have any queries relating to this you can telephone and speak to a Red Tractor representative on 020 7630 3370.  Alternatively, you can email memberhelp@redtractor.org.uk

For Red Tractor Assured Dairy members, no action is required.  The due date for the next assessment will transfer to the certification body that your First Purchaser contract.

If you are an existing scheme member, you must submit corrective evidence within 28 days of your assessment.  Please send this information to LRQA who will review and confirm whether you have achieved on-going certification.

Once you have confirmation that you are certified, you may apply to another certification body to transfer your membership.

Red Tractor representatives are available to take your call on 020 7630 3320.


There is a dedicated email address for members: memberhelp@redtractor.org.uk


You can also find more information about the schemes and certification bodies approved by Red Tractor Assurance on our website: https://redtractorassurance.org.uk/

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