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29 Sep 2023

The NRoSO Scheme: A Foundation of Trust

The UK farm and food supply chain has a strong track record of making best practice the industry norm without...

Red Tractor back on live TV throughout September
28 Sep 2023

Red Tractor’s “Farmed With Care” advertising campaign has been back on live TV throughout September and has reached...

Red Tractor returns to TV
1 Sep 2023

Red Tractor is back on live TV in September as the ‘Farmed with Care’ campaign returns for the...

Red Tractor and Tesco combine Dairy farm audit visits
1 Sep 2023

From November this year Red Tractor will audit the physical elements of the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group Livestock...

Red Tractor promotes standards to International buyers at the Great Yorks Show.  
3 Aug 2023

At the Great Yorkshire Show earlier this month, Alistair Macintosh, Vice Chair of Red Tractor, took the opportunity...

Award for Tim Lock, Red Tractor Dairy Chair, at the Royal Welsh...
3 Aug 2023

At the Royal Welsh Show last week, the Red Tractor team had the opportunity to engage with farmers,...

Red Tractor membership covers new vet attestation rules.
1 Aug 2023

Later this year a change in legislation will mandate that ALL farmers selling livestock for slaughter must have...

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