Process water and water used for cleaning purposes

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Process water and water used for cleaning purposes



A risk assessment of any water that comes into contact with either the oilseed meal, or any process / handling equipment, must be included in the HACCP study.



If a risk is highlighted participants must either carry out water quality tests or receive test results from their water provider at a frequency dictated by risk assessment, to ensure that standards required by the risk assessment study are being achieved. Records of water quality tests must be maintained.



Where additives (such as water softeners, anti-corrosion agents, etc.) are included in water that will come into contact with feed ingredients, either as water or steam: i) These additives must be considered in the HACCP study. ii) Any dosing systems must be calibrated and controlled to ensure the correct level of addition. iii) Records of additive dosing must be maintained.



No waste water or material recovered from waste water systems may be incorporated into feed ingredients.



Separate water systems (e.g. fire control) must be identified and must not connect with, or allow reflux into, water used for processing or cleaning.