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Personnel - Processing



In most cases there may only be a single person involved in the process. For staff involved in the processing of oilseeds training must include an introduction to HACCP principles



Accurate and up-to-date training records must confirm any relevant training that has taken place and that the participant has assessed personnel as competent to carry out the tasks that they undertake



Protective clothing must be worn wherever contamination of oilseeds or meal by personnel is identified as a risk by the risk assessment study. All clothing and equipment must be maintained in hygienic condition.



Clear policies on smoking and eating / drinking on site must be made known to employees and visitors and must prohibit eating, drinking and smoking in areas where these activities may adversely affect feed ingredients. If necessary, separate facilities must be provided.



Participants must ensure that appropriate hygiene training has been given to all personnel involved in the direct handling of processed meal. No person known to be suffering from a disease which may adversely affect the safety of processed meal may handle the processed meal.



The participant must ensure that engineers and contractors working on site are controlled in such a way that maintenance and building works do not adversely affect either raw material or processed meal safety. There must be a procedure in place to ensure that appropriate cleaning and tidying has been completed prior to resuming activities in that area.



Any personnel who have been in contact with livestock or livestock housing and/or equipment must change all outer clothing including footwear and must wash their hands before entering the processing area.