Husbandry Procedures

Version 5.0 (streamlined)

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Key – Those standards which have greater significance (all other standards are normal)

Recommendation – Those which do not affect certification

New – A completely new standard which the member must now adhere to

Revised – A standard that has changed and requires the member to take some different or additional action to before

Upgraded – The standard has been upgraded to a Key standard or from a Recommendation to a full standard

Appendix – Referenced in ‘How you will be measured’. Indicates that additional information is provided in the Appendices, which are available at the end of each section.

This icon indicates that a record is required.

Where to find help – at the end of each section we have indicated where you can get extra guidance if you need it.


Husbandry Procedures

B.HP.1 Key


Husbandry procedures must be carried out appropriately (Revised)

How you will be measured


Routine husbandry procedures are detailed in the health plan


Carried out in accordance with timescales outlined in the Appendix


Anaesthetic and analgesics are used in accordance with the Appendix


Carried out by appropriately trained and competent persons in accordance with the Appendix


Dewlap tags are not permitted
  • Medicine records for pain relief

– Training Records
– Health Plan



Cauterising paste is only used on animals less than 1 week of age and it is recommended the calf receives analgesia (New)