Red Tractor position on AHDB funding decision


A statement on a funding decision announced by AHDB

Red Tractor is disappointed to learn of the AHDB board’s decision to no longer provide annual funding.

The scale and reach of Red Tractor has grown significantly since its inception, and it is proud to be a strong, independent and financially self-sufficient body working on behalf of the British food and farming industry.

Red Tractor’s core purpose remains the same today as when it was created more than 20 years ago – to reassure the public that British food and drink is safely and responsibly produced.

We remain committed to delivering for our members and we continue to listen to them, sharing their ambition for greater promotion of British food and farming.

We are focused on evolving the scheme to help farmers – as well as the rest of the supply chain – meet the challenges they face.

Through our powerful marketing activity, Red Tractor has reached record levels of recognition and trust, with four out of five shoppers now actively looking for the scheme’s logo on packs.

This provides a significant halo effect, building consumer trust and loyalty towards British food and farming at a critical time for our industry. The scheme helps to give shoppers the confidence to back British food and farming over imports.

Regrettably, the AHDB’s funding decision means we will now need to reconsider our ambitious advertising plans, which we understand will come as a disappointment to the 46,000 Red Tractor certified farms who rely on us to help promote their world-class produce.

However, we will continue to work together with AHDB on many levels, including promoting exports.